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Continuum Of Care

Long Term Care: Buehler Place, Chapman Heights and Priddy Harbor

Each of these Households accommodates up to 16 Members who enjoy their own living, dining and outdoor or atrium spaces. Each Household has a team of versatile, skilled staff members serving only in that Household. They create meaningful relationships with Household Members. Through these relationships, the individuals that live in the Household and the persons who work there come together to make all of the day-to-day decisions for the Household. In this way, care can be personalized in ways that it never could have before. Meals are no longer scheduled as controlled tasks. Meals are inviting social events occurring whenever people are hungry.

Caregivers focus on only the 16 Members who live in the Household. The relationships between Members and caregivers allow the Members' wants and needs to be anticipated. A Household is a place where individuals continue to be the people they were before they moved in, and where true human caring is both given and received.

The Health Care Households offer accommodations for single or double occupancy affording privacy and comfort. The exclusive shared accommodations are designed with a full floor-to-ceiling wall that separates each member's living space, rather than partial dividers or curtains, which are typical. We encourage Members to make their bedrooms feel like their own homes with personal items and decorations. Members can always look their best, too, with an on-site salon available.

Naturally, families are encouraged to visit and even take members off-campus, if they are able. Visiting hours are open and depend on the needs of each Member. Families may dine with Members in the dining room or in a private area. If a condition warrants, a family member may spend the night. Pets may also visit.

The Members enjoy special programs and holiday celebrations, and participate in a full calendar of events and programming. Members are consulted and constantly are involved in planning for entertainment, exercise classes, movies and guest speakers. The Chaplain conducts bible studies and weekly devotions.

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